Rules for submitting, reviewing and publishing articles

Rules for submitting, reviewing and publishing articles

Articles sent for publication in the journal “Citizen. Elections. Authority" must be made with the following requirements.

The topic and content of the article should correspond to the profile, scientific level and thematic areas of the journal, have scientific novelty and be of interest to specialists. The specificity of the publication is the coverage of the most important aspects of the election process, modern achievements of law and political science.

Articles previously published or transmitted to other publications are not published in the journal.

The size of the article should be at least 0.5 of the author's sheet (20 thousand characters), for the section “Reviews” - 0.25 of the author's sheet (10 thousand characters). Materials larger than 1 copyright sheet (40 thousand characters) are considered by the Editorial Board only as an exception. In this case, the best option, which is preferred, is an article with deviations from the specified maximum amount of not more than 5 thousand characters.

The title of the article should correspond to its content. The name is printed in capital letters in Russian and English, and should not exceed three lines.

The article should be prepared in a Microsoft Word for Windows text editor (version 6.0 and higher, in * .doc format) using the standard Times New Roman font size 14 in one and a half interval (computer) spacing in Russian for the main text.

All factual data, as well as quotations provided in the article, should have accurate and comprehensive reference to the source. The authors are responsible for the selection and accuracy of the facts, quotes, economic statistics, proper names and other information, for the legality and correctness of borrowing from other sources, as well as for the use of information not intended for the open press, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation .

Footnotes to the literature are placed on the text of the article in manual square brackets: [1], [2], [3], etc. ... The page number of the quoted source or their interval is indicated by a comma if necessary [1, p. 15]; [1, c. 15-20] ... The bibliographic description of the cited literature is placed in the section “Literature” at the end of the text of the article in the order of its mentioning in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008, numbered without square brackets: 1,2,3, etc. ... In the section “Literature” only those publications are included (monographs, scientific articles, etc.) that are referenced in the text of the article. Authors are advised to avoid quoting educational publications. References to regulatory legal acts, statistical data and survey results are given in a subscript (if necessary) or in the text of the article. In the section "Literature" these sources are not mentioned. The author's explanations are given in the subscript or in the text of the article. The text of the material to be sent must comply with the stylistic, spelling, syntactic and other norms of the Russian language. Abbreviations are not allowed. The citations given in the article should be carefully verified and confirmed by references.

Specific requirements for illustrative material. Tables should be numbered, entitled and have a footnote to the source, and the figures, in addition, are signed. All graphic material should be made in black and white, integrated into a * .doc file and presented in an editable format, as well as have links in the text. If the chart is not editable, then you must accompany it with a data table. Graphic material must be accompanied by inscriptions in Russian. Authors are advised to avoid integrating into the text of the article a large number of tables, figures and diagrams.

According to the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia, the article must include: abstract (no more than 5 sentences in Russian and English), a list of keywords (5–8 in Russian and English), information about the author (last name, first name, patronymic, official place job, position, academic degree, title (abbreviations to decipher), the address of the place of work (or home address) with an indication of the postal code, phone number and email address). Information about the author is available in Russian and English.

Data on grants for relevant research projects are provided in a footnote on the first page. Author's comments and notes are possible both in the text of the article, and in the footnotes.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements is the reason for the refusal to receive the material.

The acceptance of the article for consideration does not mean the guarantee of its publication.

All articles submitted to the editors and meet these requirements are reviewed. The editorial board sends copies of reviews to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation upon receipt of a relevant request to the editorial board of the journal. The editors reserve the right to edit the text of the publication (change the name, reduce the volume, present numeric data in graphical form, etc.).

Reproduction of materials is allowed only with the reference to the journal “Citizen. Elections. Authority".

The electronic version of the article should be sent via the electronic form of sending articles on the publication page in the information and telecommunication network “Internet” or to the email address with the note “article to the journal”.

The authorship of the text of the article to the editorial board means his voluntary consent and gratuitous granting the editorial office the right to use his work and any part thereof in print and electronic versions (including inclusion in various databases, information systems and scientific citation systems), as well as consent on the processing of personal data of the author and other works involving third parties in order to popularize the work. The editors consider the fact of receiving the article as the transfer by the authors of the exclusive rights to use them in accordance with the conditions specified above.

The fee for publication is not charged to the authors, fees are not paid.

The journal is distributed by subscription and by mailing list.

The journal is published every three months.